We'd love to host your next event! The Eastwood Theater is the perfect place to have a celebration, teach a class, conduct a business meeting, or enjoy a private movie screening.

Room Rentals - up to 50 people
$75 an hour 
9am-2pm Monday-Friday 
Saturday 9am-12pm
**We can provide reasonably priced refreshment packages for your group

Private Movie Screenings (to view movie currently showing at the theater)
$250 + $5 per person-up to 50 people
Any 3-hour block Monday-Friday between 9am-2pm
Any 3-hour block Saturday  between 9am-12pm
Private Movie Screenings (you bring the movie)
* Note to filmmakers: conversion charges apply to show in DCP film formatting
**We can provide reasonably priced concession bundles for your group

Private Movie Screenings During Normally Scheduled Movie Times
After 2pm Monday-Friday. After 12pm Saturday & Sunday

Call or email us to book your next event!

Phone 419-720-5199